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Light Up Literature™ Curriculum

Let's make learning FUN - without sacrificing the LEARNING!

Be the homeschool Super Mom!

Popular novels and short stories are the basis for Light Up Literature™ Curriculum.

Research-Based Curriculum with Proven Results!


Studies have proven teaching vocabulary in context helps students build reading comprehension and vocabulary skills.

Novel Studies

Using Novel Studies to teach English Language Arts means you can include grammar, vocabulary, games, art, history, science, and sometimes math.

Bloom's Taxonomy

Using multiple ways for kiddos to learn increases how much they can take that knowledge and CREATE something with it, which is the HIGHEST level of learning!

Real-World Connections

Learning for the sake of learning is admirable, but learning and understanding why it's important and how it matters in the real world makes connections with advanced learning and critical thinking skills

Programs Used to Support Learning

  • Flocabulary
  • Commonlit
  • OpenStax
  • Nearpod
  • Kahoot


As parents and teachers, we need to figure out if WHAT or HOW we are teaching is making out kiddo FEEL stupid or embarrassed.

Questions are GOOD - Even When They Don't Sound Like It!

Sometimes as parents and teachers it's hard to tell if our kiddo is being difficult or disrespectful by asking specific questions. Listening to those confrontational or argumentative questions/statements can tell you IMPORTANT INFORMATION!


Maybe your kiddo needs to move around or try something a little more INTERACTIVE and FUN!


Kiddos want to know WHY they need to learn something. They want Real-World Connections and Applications.


Technology is great, but sometimes, the best learning comes from kicking it old school with paper and pen!

How to make Reading FUN and AVOID discouraging labels

Attention problems (ADD or ADHD) don't mean reading problems.

Dyslexia doesn't mean reading comprehension problems.

Just like fluent reading doesn't mean reading comprehension.

Get to know the Light Up Literature Curriculum Family!

Why do I say, family? Because this is a family business. While I am a certified teacher with a degree in English, my family is my priority, just like your family is your priority. So, it's good to know who the interrupters are in the family - especially if you are doing live classes with me.

Light Up Literature™ Curriculum

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